Hourly sessions where you choose the topic and content. Learn a structured lesson in person. Ask all the questions you want.


Choose from a variety of pre-planned 1:1 lessons

$50 USD/hr
After 3 hours of bookings, all following hours will be $40 USD/hr
Payment will be made through PayPal. If you’re based in Canada E-Transfers works as well
Teaching platform
Online lessons will be taught through Skype or Discord. For anyone who is unfamiliar with discord it is a web based communication platform where you can screen share and voice call without the need to download an application. Let me know which one you prefer.
The scheduling is very flexible. Monday to Friday 1-11pm PST. Weekends, anytime before 11pm PST. Let me know 2 weeks prior and I can most likely make it work. For shorter notice, please give me 3+ times & dates.

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