Beginner - Intermediate
*Basic understanding of PS required 
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Learn how to bring out the details and colours in an image through Photoshop. The techniques covered in this workflow can be used for any landscape editing. Create breathtaking work unique to you.
90+ min - Photoshop Processing Video
RAW File - Niagara Falls #1
PSD File - Niagara Falls #1
7 Image Resources

Techniques covered:
RAW file processing in Adobe Camera Raw, Dodge & burn, Split toning, Luminosity Masks, Colour development, Light addition, Image cleanup, Detail recovery, Selective adjustments, Sharpening, Image export for social media
Niagara Falls #2 - Horizontal
$19 USD
Buy together for 49 USD (SALE)

RAW File - Niagara Falls #2 Horizontal
PSD File - Niagara Falls #2 Horizontal

Practice is key to mastering my workflow. Further develop your understanding by using what you learned on the same scene but a different perspective. Can you process the image like the first. PSD file included to guide you through step by step incase you need any hints.

Prefer a 1:1 lesson instead
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